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We all know gaming is only as fun as the people you play with, so why limit whom you can play with just because your friend plays on a different platform? 

With EMU you can seamlessly communicate with your friends across any platform through your headset! 


3rd Party Cross-Platform Chat

01. Fast & Agile

EMU allows users to seamlessly talk to their cross-platform gaming friends via our EMU adapter

02. Find New Friends to Play With 

Our ranked-based squad filler allows you to connect our app to your favorite games so we can see your rank and match you with players on different consoles at your skill level!

03. Grow your audience

Post your favorite gaming clips to your page where other users can interact and follow you!

About EMU

Make Gaming Borderless with EMU

Imagine hopping onto Rainbow 6 Seige and being able to hear your friends talk on another console through your headset! That's one case for using EMu but there are endless possibilities with our adapter!

About US

About US


Founded in 2021 on the principle that gaming is only as fun as the people you play with. EMU was created to allow boardeless communications for gamers to enjoy no matter what platform they game on


EMU is the one stop gaming app for finding new friends to play with, posting content and gaining follwerers, and of course starting cross platform chat parties. 


Our ranked based squad filler allows gamers to never game alone again 

Our patented adapter creates ubiquitous cross platform communication 

Our clip feed gives gamers a chance to grow their audience on a fresh slate


EMU Gaming Rocket league


@Octohurt  |  Twitter 

“Xbox has discord integration but it's pretty lackluster. here's hoping full access to messages and voice comes to both platforms to make a truly ubiquitous multi-platform communication system.”

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